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Soffit & Fascia Repair in Hendersonville NC

Damaged Fascia

Expert Soffit & Fascia Repair

Soffit and fascia deterioration is a common problem that many homeowners face. Your home’s fascia runs along the edge of the roof line and is one of the most exposed parts of your home. Over the years, moisture can cause fascia and soffit to rot away. Exterior Contractor offers fascia & soffit repair services to Hendersonville, NC and the surrounding areas.

What We Can Do For You

  • Wood Soffit & Fascia Repair
  • Aluminum Fascia Trim Installation & Repair
  • Vinyl Soffit Installation & Repair
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings

Why Choose Exterior Contractor?

Exterior Contractor has been providing soffit and fascia repair services to our customers for over 18 years. Our repair team is highly experienced and detail oriented.

Certifications & Awards

BBB Accredited Business

Soffit & Fascia Repair Services

Free Estimates

Exterior Contractor offers free estimates for all soffit and fascia repair jobs. During our appointment, we will inspect your home’s soffit and fascia, and we will provide you with a detailed estimate.

Partial Repair

Often, a home only has a few fascia and soffit areas that need to be repaired. We can replace only the necessary sections of bad soffit and fascia.

Full Replacement

Fascia and Soffit on poorly maintained older homes typically need to be fully replaced. Sometimes, even the tail rafters need repairs. Our framing team can easily handle large jobs like this.

Types of Soffit & Fascia

We install and replace the following types of soffit and fascia

Fascia Repair in Hendersonville NC


  • Wood Fascia (Spruce, Cedar, and More)
  • Aluminum Fascia Trim
  • Composite Fascia
  • Fiber Cement Fascia
New Soffit Installation


  • Wood Soffit (Spruce, Cedar, and More)
  • Aluminum Soffit
  • Composite Soffit
  • Fiber Cement Soffit
Rotted Soffit & Fascia

Why does Soffit & Fascia Rot Away?

Fascia and soffit can fail for a variety of reasons. The fascia is installed along the home’s roof line and is one of the most exposed parts of the home. If a home’s fascia is made of wood, then prolonged exposure to moisture will slowly rot the wood away. A failing gutter system can also exacerbate the rate at which fascia fails. If the gutters are old and leaking, more water will wet the fascia causing it to deteriorate faster. This is especially noticeable at gutter corners. The sealant used to seal gutter corners typically fails after 15 years, which causes the corners to leak. This can cause the fascia and soffit behind it to slowly rot away.

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