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Roof Replacement Process

Material Delivery

Our shingle distributor will deliver the roofing materials up to a day in advance before we start the roof replacement. For an average size home, this is usually two to three pallets worth of shingles and other roofing materials. The delivery driver will unload the pallets with a fork lift and will carefully set the pallets in a convenient area where they can sit without being in the way until our crew can install them.


Preparation & Tear Off

The tear-off process is the messiest part of the installation process. Whenever possible, we will try to park a dump trailer close to your home so that trash can be thrown directly into it.
This will minimize the amount of debris that hits the ground. Whenever this isn’t possible, our crew will put down tarps near the home to throw trash onto. This trash will then be manually carried and thrown into a nearby dump trailer. We will take all proper precautions to prevent damage to plants and shrubs during this process by covering them with tarps.

Deck Inspection & Repair

A solid and structurally sound deck is key to a long-lasting roof installation. After the tear off process, our crew will carefully and thoroughly inspect your roof’s deck.
We will replace any rotted plywood or decking boards we find.

Underlayment Installation

During this step, our crew will install synthetic underlayment on most steep areas. We will also install ice and water shield across valleys and around penetrations such as chimneys and skylights.

Shingle Installation

The shingle bundles will be lifted onto your roof using a roofing hoist. Our crew will begin by installing a row of starter shingles around the perimeter of your roof. The starter shingles have a line of tar that will bond the architectural shingles around the perimeter. After the starter shingles, we will install the architectural shingles using the recommended stair step pattern. If your roof has step flashing, we will inspect it and replace and necessary pieces.

Skylight Installation

Our roofers are highly experienced and trained in Velux Skylight installation. Velux offers some of the best skylights on the market. We install Velux deck-mounted or curb-mounted skylights and flashing kits.


Exterior Contractor understands the importance of proper ventilation to the overall health of the roofing system. Depending on the ventilation requirements of your home’s attic space, we will install ridge vents or box vents.

Final Cleanup & Final Inspection

Last but not least is the final cleanup and final inspection. Our crew will thoroughly clean your yard of trash and nails. We will also run magnets throughout your property to make sure we pick up as many nails as possible. We like to leave yards cleaner than when we arrived. One of our project managers will also do a final inspection of your roof to ensure that every aspect of the job was done to our standards.