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Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Installation

When a roof has a low pitch, a special flat roof system must be installed instead of regular shingles. There are many flat roof systems available on the market, with their own pros and cons. At Exterior Contractor, we specialize in various flat roof systems such as modified bitumen, TPO and EPDM.

Modified Bituman System

Flat Roof Installation In Flat Rock NC

Peel-and-stick, modified bitumen flat roofs are a great choice for both commercial and residential purposes. This system consists of a base sheet at the bottom and a granulated cap sheet at the top. The cap sheets come in various colors, so you can always find a color that matches the shingles on the other parts of the roof. We also apply roofing cement around the perimeter and at the joints. This double-layer flat roof system ensures that the roof will last for a long time.

TPO System

TPO Commercial Flat Roof Installation

Another popular flat roof system is TPO, which is rubber-like material made of polypropylene. TPO systems typically consist of a layer of ISO insulation and a layer of TPO membrane. The membrane gets glued down to the insulation boards and the seams get welded by special TPO welders. One great benefit of TPO is its superior ability to reflect UV rays, which can drastically reduce the energy consumption of the whole building.

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