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Should I Replace or Repair My Roof?

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There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to find that you have water dripping on your head. What is your first thought? …… Mine would be to call someone who could repair it as soon as possible. Let’s think about that for a minute. Would it be in your best interest to patch that 25-year-old roof? Or should you look into replacing that worn-out roof? 

The first thing I would do is give a qualified roofing contractor a call to assess your damage. The next thing I would do is get estimates on both repair and replacement. Here is a comparison of repair versus replacement to help in your decision.

Repairing The Roof

  • Repairs can lead to more problems (repairing one leak can cause another one in the process)
  • Repairs can be temporary. You will eventually have to replace the roof anyway
  • You may have more than one leak that may be missed in the initial repair
  • Trouble matching the color of your existing shingle

Replacing The Roof

  • You entire roof gets replaced (solving 99% of your problems)
  • New drip edge
  • New underlayment
  • Repair damaged Plywood and fascia
  • New Flashing where necessary
  • Warranty (this is the best part)
  • The option to change the color of the roof to better match your house and liking

I hope that this simple comparison will help you decide on which direction to take. Feel free to contact us on any questions that you may have by phone 828-290-0301, by email, or feel free to use our contact form on this page.

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