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Is your roof letting you drown?

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During this wet January, we are noticing quite a few roof leaks from these heavy rains we are getting. When we go out to these homes we are noticing problems that can lead back to how the roofs are originally designed and installed. Problems like cricket roofs…..some that we have seen are not designed properly to allow for proper drainage. This problem can often be remedied by installing a small flat roof that will redirect the water flow to the proper place. Other problems we are finding are with skylights. Some have exceeded their life expectancy. The seals have shrunk and started to crack. These sometimes can be resealed, but probably should be replaced more often than none. Let’s talk about masonry chimneys… most of the time leaks from chimneys are due to the porous nature of the brick and the mortar. It can act as a wick during heavy rain and allow the water to travel past the flashing into the house. This usually happens as they age. One way to remedy this is to clean the chimney and apply a coating of masonry sealer. These are just a few problems that happen over the life of a roof system. If you feel that you have some of these problems, we will be more than glad to address them for you. Just give us a call @ (828) 290-0301 or fill out a contact form on our website (

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