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Effects of Elements on Shingles

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Your roof goes through a lot of wear and tear within its average life. the sun can increase the temperature on your roof by 50 to 75 degrees. This can cause your roofing materials to crack and blister. The heat produced is not the only problem, the sun is also a source of UV radiation. UV radiation can cause the asphalt layers of your shingles to degrade. A layer of protective granules, some also have a coating of a Scotch Guard, to help reduce the sun’s effect. “Acid Rain”, sound scary? It can be for your shingles. As moisture collects in the atmosphere it also picks up the pollution in the air, then it condenses into rain and all those toxic chemicals are carried down and deposited on your roof. When this happens the asphalt in the shingles degrade. Those chemicals gradually eat away at the components of your roof.

Basically, all the elements that your roof is exposed to will cause it to fade, degrade, deteriorate, and eventually cause leaks. when you do start developing those small leaks I would recommend having your roof inspected so that you may make an informed decision on repair or replacement.

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